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Versión actual: 0.33

Multipackager es un programa que pretende simplificar la creación de paquetes para distribuciones de Linux. Para ello, automatiza la creación de máquinas virtuales con distribuciones, arquitecturas y versiones específicas, y la compilación y empaquetado para cada una, tanto de proyectos binarios como en Python. Permite crear paquetes para arquitecturas i386 y amd64, para cualquier versión de Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora y Arch. En breve espero añadir soporte para otras distribuciones.

Zona de descargas

Repositorio GIT

Paquete para Debian stretch 32/64bit (23 Kbytes)

Paquete para Debian sid 32/64bit (23 Kbytes)

Paquete para Ubuntu bionic 32/64bit (24 Kbytes)

Paquete para fedora28 32/64bit (47 Kbytes)

Historia de versiones

  • version 0.33 (2018/08/25)
  • Fixed Pacman command for installing packages
  • version 0.32 (2018/02/28)
  • Now using the OR option in debian control file to choose between two packages works fine
  • version 0.31 (2017/11/26)
  • Now does an 'apt update' before installing dependencies for a package
  • Now doesn't wait for the user to press 'y' when installing meson
  • version 0.30 (2017/01/22)
  • Added support for Meson builder projects
  • Allows to update in a single command all the distros based on the type (e.g. Update all debian distros)
  • version 0.28 (2016/09/26)
  • Installs all the packages needed also in RPM
  • version 0.27 (2016/09/25)
  • Now doesn't fail when debian dependencies have a version number requirement
  • version 0.26 (2016/09/19)
  • Installs all the packages needed for a project, instead of installing only the building ones
  • version 0.25 (2016/09/06)
  • Allows to specify different configuration folders for Debian/Ubuntu 32 and 64 bits
  • version 0.24 (2016/08/25)
  • Now shows the current distro being compiled in the terminal's titlebar
  • Now shows the chroot path for the current shell in the terminal's titlebar
  • Now the make for CMake projects is verbose
  • version 0.23 (2016/07/17)
  • Now ensures that any OverlayFS has been unmounted before trying to mount it again (could happen in previous version if multipackager is interrupted and launched again)
  • version 0.22 (2016/05/10)
  • Now uses OverlayFS to speed up all the operations, avoiding the full copy of the images (for backing up purposes) before doing any operation
  • version 0.21 (2015/11/08)
  • Now uses DNF for fedora 22 and greater, instead of YUM
  • version 0.20 (2015/10/29)
  • Now doesn't fail if the *build* folder doesn't exists in binary projects
  • version 0.19 (2015/10/26)
  • Now removes the *build* folder in python3 projects when building for ARCH, so it won't fail
  • version 0.18 (2015/09/29)
  • Now can install, in ARCH, dependencies from AUR for local packages
  • version 0.17 (2015/09/27)
  • Removed the 'sync' commands, which speeds up the work.
  • Now adds the package size in debian packages
  • version 0.16 (2015/08/30)
  • Allows to install local packages before creating a package. Useful when creating a package that depends of another local project.
  • Now, when the creation of a package fails, the system won't fail, but continue with the other OSs and, at the end, show which ones failed.
  • version 0.15 (2015/08/24)
  • Added support for both the old and new URI format for AUR repository (ARCH Linux)
  • Now automagically downloads the GPG keys (ARCH Linux)
  • Now only uses the makedeps for python projects in Pacman packages
  • version 0.14 (2015/05/16)
  • Added support for Pacman, the Arch's package manager.
  • version 0.13 (2015/05/09)
  • Now doesn't ask if the user wants to continue when updating a Fedora system
  • version 0.12 (2015/04/26)
  • Fixed a bug when launching a shell without specifying a linux distribution type and name
  • version 0.11 (2015/04/25)
  • Now keeps two caches, one with all the packages already installed in previous builds, and another (with a bare minimum system) for test shells, so the package creation process is much faster
  • Allows to specify the package revision in the command line
  • Allows to keep the temporary virtual machines used to build the packages
  • version 0.10 (2015/04/24)
  • Now ensures that the permissions and uid and gid in a package are the same than in the file system, to avoid conflicts in binary RPM packages
  • version 0.9 (2015/04/23)
  • Now the update of RPM caches works fine
  • Now copies fine the RPM binary packages, instead of copying the folder containing them
  • Now clears a classic MAKE project before building it
  • version 0.8 (2015/04/22)
  • Now supports alternative packages for deb (packagea | packageb)
  • version 0.7 (2015/04/20)
  • Now doesn't fail if the configure file doesn't exists.
  • Translated all sentences
  • version 0.6 (2015/04/19)
  • Added support for Fedora (RPM) packages
  • Allows to specify different triplets for binary and python projects
  • Takes into account the package name for python projects too
  • Allows to delete the caches
  • Added missing dependencies
  • Bug fixes
  • version 0.5 (2015/04/18)
  • Better command line parsing options
  • Allows to mount several paths from the host machine inside the virtual machines
  • Now the installation doesn't fail if the dep_utils package isn't installed
  • Now generates the cache environment in all cases
  • version 0.4 (2015/04/15)
  • Now passes the destination folder to the **** script
  • version 0.3 (2015/04/14)
  • Added manpage
  • Fixed little bugs in the python3 packages generation
  • version 0.2 (2015/04/14)
  • Added support for Python3 packages
  • version 0.1 (2015/04/14)
  • First public version